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How do you get rid of a ganglion cyst on your foot?

I am a 33 year old male. I want to know how do you get rid of a ganglion cyst on your foot?

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You can either have it aspirated with a needle ( fluid removed) or have it surgically removed.
Surgical intervention with removal of the entire ganglionic sac. Aspiration of the fluid at the ganglion is a temporarily and conservative treatment of this particular dermal lesion.
Only way to get rid of a ganglion with lowest recurrence is surgery. Can suck out the fluid too but that can be more of a 70% chance the cyst will return.
A ganglion cyst usually comes from person a tendon or joint. There are both surgical and non surgical options, including aspiration (removing the fluid). I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist).
Ganglion cysts usually arise from joint spaces which have been the subject of repeated sheer forces or strain. A ganglion cyst may also be drained to relieve the pressure or ultimately removed if it recurrs.
Sometimes they will spontaneously resolve. Typically aspiration and injection is effective if the cyst persists.
In the old days, people would hit ganglion cysts with a book such as the bible in order to pop them!! We don't do that anymore obviously. No pill will get rid of the cyst. A doctor can try to drain the cyst with a needle, but that doesn't always work. The most sure way to get rid of the cyst is to surgically remove the cyst. These cysts are not cancerous, and are only removed if they are painful.

Hope it helps!!

Dr. Bose
If is not causing any pain I recommend leaving it alone. If it is painful chronic compression such as wrapping it with an Ace wrap for a period of time. If that does not do the trick and the cyst remains painful, the cyst can be aspirated. If all fails, sometimes surgery is required.
Usually, draining the cyst and injecting cortisone in the void has a high reoccurrence rate.
With a ganglion cyst, conservative measures are drainage and inserting a corticosteroid. This sometimes needs to be done more than once. Some doctors, depending on the location, may opt to surgically excise the ganglion. Remember location on the foot, history first or 5th time? These are some of the variables a doctor would consider. Remember, a comprehensive history is very important for the best results.

Jay Mermelstein, DPM DABPM

The procedure to remove a ganglion is called ganglion resection. The initial treatment of a ganglion is not surgical, but if pain becomes a problem, your podiatrist may recommend aspiration, a procedure to remove the cyst's fluid through a needle. If aspiration and injection of corticosteroids fails, then resection is indicated.

In my practice, the first course of action for a Ganglion cyst is to aspirate the synovial fluid out of the cyst under local anesthesia, and the to inject the cyst with cortisone. I then have the patient wear a compression bandage around the area for about 1 month. If the cyst returns, I give the patient the option of re-doing the aspiration and injection. If the patient does not want to do this, or if I do a second injection/aspiration and the ganglion still comes back, I suggest surgical excision of the Ganglion cyst. The recovery after surgery is about 3 weeks before you can get back into a normal shoe.