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How do you get rid of ankle pain after surgery?

I am a 33 year old male. I want to know how do you get rid of ankle pain after surgery?

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hi, certain amount of pain is normal after surgery, usually last 2-6 months, but pain should get better the farther removed from surgery date. please seek postop consult with your surgeon for treatment options.
You should really ask your surgeon. As someone who doesn't know what specific surgery you had it is almost impossible to answer your question
The best advice I can give is to speak to your surgeon. They may have certain protocols for pain relief. Oftentimes, physical therapy is utilized.There is usually pain after surgery, but it should be proportional to the procedure performed. I would first talk to your surgeon and take it from there. Without a history, physical exam it is difficult to give specific advice.

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Jay Mermelstein, DPM DABPM
What type of surgery did you have? When did you have surgery? Why is your surgeon not available for you to discuss your post-operative course? It is impossible to answer your question without details about what has happened. I highly suggest if you are having issues after surgery, you should speak with the surgeon who performed the surgery. If he/she is unwilling to visit with you and answer your questions, physicially go to see someone for a second opinion.
I would be evaluated by the surgeon or get a second opinion if there is persistent pain after ankle surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you might be at risk for DVT (blood clot), infection, malunion, nonunion, etc.
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Daniel Patty, DPM

Ankle pain after surgery could mean a lot of things. I suggest getting an MRI and X-rays to assess the situation. The reason I am saying this is because you should NOT be having pain after ankle surgery. The whole point of a surgery to the ankle is to stabilize and to make you pain free. So, if you are experiencing this you need to see if there's something else underlying, if the surgery was unsuccessful, or simply you may need more physical therapy.
I hope this helps.
What type of surgery? It depends on the surgery but usually pain is caused by inflammation/swelling and the surgery itself. Swelling pain can last for 6months after surgery. Best way to get rid of it is anti-inflammatories and elevating the foot and ankle above heart level to help with the pain. Also talk to your surgeon if it has been a while after surgery and you still have a lot of pain.
If you have not completed physical therapy that would be a good place to begin. If you have try to continue doing the exercises you were taught. You also may want to go back and see your surgeon. Sometimes it just takes longer than we would like. Good luck!
If your ankle is hurting secondary to development of some possible arthritis, then consider trying some of the over-the-counter topical Hemp pain medications. You may benefit from wearing a pair of biomechanical orthotics to provide protection, stability, and support of the affected foot.
Pain after surgery is normal. I recommend you discuss with your foot and ankle surgeon if the pain you are experiencing is normal post operative pain of something else