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My son has a bacterial eye infection. How long should it take to heal?

My son got a bacterial eye infection from school. He underwent treatment with drops. It has now been 2 weeks but he still feels irritation. How long will the bacterial infection take to heal?

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Bacterial conjunctivitis is thought to be rare. In general, conjunctivitis should not last longer than a month. If it continues to persist he should see an eye doctor for follow up care.
You did not say who prescribed the eye drops. If it has not responded, see an ophthalmologist. It may not be a bacterial infection. It could be viral conjunctivitis, corneal infection or some other condition. HERPES SIMPLEX is very common. Fever blister, or adenoviral infection. If so, there are medications to treat those.

This information should not be construed as a diagnosis, nor a recommendation for treatment. SEE YOUR EYE DOCTOR.

Gary M. Levin
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This type of infection is usually resolved by 2 weeks so he probably needs to be seen by an eye doctor for follow up.
Your son should see an ophthalmologist. Most bacterial conjunctivitis are resolved in 2 weeks.

Your son’s bacterial eye infection should be improved after two weeks of antibiotic treatment. There are other conditions which can exhibit similar symptoms. At this point, I would recommend that he see a pediatric ophthalmologist for further evaluation.
With proper treatment, bacterial conjunctivitis should resolve in a few days. If there is still irritation at 2 weeks, I recommend going to see your ophthalmologist for repeat evaluation to see if there is something else going on.

Valerie I. Elmalem, MD
He needs to be seen by an eye care professional since it might be a viral infection and could have complications requiring medical treatment since it has been so long.
Bacterial infection should get better in a few days, it might be allergy or the other causes of red eye. Make sure to see an eye doctor.
It should be healing now but may still have irritation due to the healing response