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How long is pink eye contagious?

I just started antibiotics today, how long will I be contagious for and do I need to change all of my eye makeup, is it contaminated?

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usually 24hr after treatment you not contagious
Are you sure it is an infection and not an allergy?

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About 48 is usually a virus (adenovirus) but antibiotics are often used to treat bact
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Most pink eye is viral and is contagious as long as you have symptoms. The antibiotics are really to keep you from getting worse and do very little to make you better. You should change any eye makeup you might have used in the several days before you had symptoms.
It typically takes about a week if antibiotics to make sure the bacteria is irradicated. You will know it is working when the eye redness goes away as well as the eye discharge. When all is resolved, then basically you are not infectious anymore. It the the eye fluids and discharge which are infectious.
I also recommend that you get rid of all eye makeup , also change your pillow case and even beddings ( wash them). Don't share face towel as they will carry the bacteria.
Thank you for the question. You may remain contagious for up to 24 hours after starting antibiotics. Make sure you do not touch the tip of your eye drop bottle to your eye. Place a finger under the eye and pull slightly to make a pocket and look up while placing the drops in your eye. If it is only affecting one eye, be careful to wash hands thoroughly after touching or treating that eye in order to not inadvertently infect the other eye. I would recommend either throwing out or sterilizing any makeup products or eye tools that have recently come in contact with the affected eye(s) that have been used right before and anytime after first experiencing symptoms. For irritation, I recommend using OTC lubricating drops or ointment (not at the same time as antibiotics so they don't get diluted) throughout the day and also placing a clean wet, warm washcloth on the eye to help soothe any pain or itching.
I hope this helps!
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If it is only pink, eye, most patients are not contagious after using the antibiotics drops for 48 hours.
You do not have to change your make up though you have to change your contact lens if you were wearing it.
Most cases of pink eye are viral and antibiotics are not effective against viruses. The risk of transmission is the same as that of a viral cold, starting before the patient is symptomatic and persisting for up to a week after symptoms start. The duration of the pink eye can be a couple of weeks.
Pink eye is most times viral, so it will be contagious for as long as the eye is red. This can be a week or 10 days. Just use good hand hygiene. It would be good to get rid of the makeup just in case it was a bacterial infection.