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How many sessions are needed for weight loss?

I'm considering acupuncture to help with my wight loss goals, alongside my diet. How many sessions do you think I would need? My weight-loss goal is at least 30 lbs.

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It’s hard to determine how many sessions you would need individually just know it’s an ongoing process and the results depend upon your readiness to change and be complient with the home care
It is important to know that acupuncture alone cannot provide weight loss. Acupuncture can be used together to help SPEED UP weight loss, however, you cannot eat the same diet you always do and expect to lose weight.
Now, let's say you do eat healthy, however being on the heavier side is more of a genetic reason...This does not make a difference.
Acupuncture, together with a healthy balanced diet, along with herbal formulas can help drain all the fat out of the body.

How long? Receiving acupuncture for about 2x a week, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet with an herbal formula will help you lose weight. You will start seeing weight loss within 2 weeks! The more you consistently continue, the more weight you may lose! Stay strong, and have strong confidence that you can do it!
This is a hard question to answer. Weight loss is used to address this. Diet, exercise, and with consistent acupuncture sessions. Two pounds a week is ideal and is the healthiest to lose weight without accumulating stretch marks. An acupuncturist will be able to explain all this, once he/she gives you an overall evaluation.
Having a past career in sports medicine and personal training, I can honestly say that eating correctly is 70% of the battle and exercise is 30%. Acupuncture can help by improving circulation of blood and energy, improving organ function to help detox the body and give you more energy, and by balancing hormones, which will improve your mood, sleep and energy.
Hi there! Thanks for your question!

To be honest, I believe that your best approach is getting a day to day nutrition plan that helps you slowly and permanently change your dietary habits, an accountability partner and supplements/dietary advice to help reduce sugar swings and cravings and resolve any digestive problems. In my experience, acupuncture is very reliable for pain conditions but not as effective for weight loss. It doesn’t reduce calories from ones diet or remove glucose from the blood or change macro intake (ratio between carbs-proteins-fats). I believe that acupuncture 1-2x a week may help anxiety or minor digestive discomfort related to the weight loss journey but it doesn’t effectively and directly cause weight loss. Hope that helps!
I would say 10 sessions for once a week.
There are a variety of different acupuncture protocols used for weight loss. A popular one recommends 2 to 3 sessions a week for 4-6 weeks. However, it is possible that you could reach your weight loss goal in fewer treatments. After your weight goal is achieved, sometimes it is helpful to return for maintenance sessions at 1 or 2 per month.
10 - 20 sessions are needed with acupuncture plus natural products, diet, Auriculotherapy
Good afternoon,

1. Acupuncture works very good for weight control.
2. How many session usually depends on how the patient responds. In other words, If you don't respond the first 2-3 sessions, then it's no value to continue.
3. Usually 1 treatment should bring approximately 2-3 pounds of weight down.

There is no magic number for acupuncture treatments vs weight loss (or any other condition, really). The bulk of your weight loss regiment will be the diet and exercise portion. The acupuncture will help your metabolism, your digestion and your overall health and mental wellness, but it is not the object that will be reducing the weight.

So, go as often as you like to see how it helps you along on your path. Stick to a good healthy diet and lifestyle and you'll reach your goals in an appropriate manner. You are in charge here, it is the work you do to reach your goal that will get you there - the acupuncture is only a tool to keep you overall balanced.
Depends on where you are with your current weight. Diet and exercise are equally important to the acupuncture sessions to achieve optimal results. From my experience, 10-15 sessions alone are necessary to change the metabolism of a client.
I'm not sure I can answer your question. There are ear points that can help with cravings and psychological ups and downs, but the patient must also be actively involved via changes in diet that are healthful and can be maintained - i.e., not a "diet" per se, but rather a life change. Also, as we get older, exercise plays an ever bigger role in our ability to shed the pounds.

Good luck! Your goal is admirable and attainable!!
2-5 pounds per week, better.
It depends on many factors: the total overweight lbs, individual determination, family history of obesity, and so on.
That's a tough question. A weight loss protocol in my clinic begins with lab work. The first step is to determine the cause of weight gain. If it's lack of diet and exercise, all the acupuncture in the world will fail to help a patient achieve the desired results, and step one would be to incorporate some food therapy and nutrition as well as an exercise program. If patients are already eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising, then I'd run lab work to see if hormones are the issue. Hormones and stress are often the root cause. 12 sessions to sort all that out is about right.
How many treatments is this going to take? - is a common question practitioners of Chinese medicine often receive. The answer can vary depending on what is being treated, how long that condition has been present, how well any given patient adopts diet/lifestyle suggestions and, to be honest, how skilled/experienced the practitioner happens to be.

It sounds like you've already taken the first big step by addressing your diet. Assuming no underlying health/metabolic issues, I'd think something in the range of 7-10 acupuncture treatments spaced at one treatment per week would probably assist in getting you where you want to be weight wise.

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