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How much pain is normal after dental bone graft?

I am a 38 year old female. I want to know how much pain is normal after dental bone graft?

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There is no pain associated with placing bone in a socket after an extraction. If you have pain in the area, it is most likely associated with the extraction of the tooth rather than the graft.
An acceptable to minimal amount. The benefit far outweighs the small amount of discomfort it any. Did you have a naturally missing tooth? If so, I am glad you want to fill that space. Did you lose a tooth due to decay? If so, study the book GROWING A HEALTHY CHILD, SECRETS FROM A WISE OLD DOC for the best information about never having another cavity. Perhaps you need the graft for some other reason?
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Some people have no pain, some people a lot. It depends on the the amount of work that needs to be done.
Well, if it’s part of an extraction (socket grafting) it’s usually minimal, less discomfort than without the procedure; (block grafting) - where surgical reflection of the tissues is required can be a little more tender afterwards
Pain is very subjective feeling. Usually, you can expect some pain that should be easily alleviated by pain medication.
Hello. There are so many variables that it’s impossible to say without knowing the exact surgical details. On average however, bone grafting is painful around a 6 on a 1-10 scale. This level lasts for 2-3 days and diminishes. But many cases could be a 9 post op and many at a 1-2.
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