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How painful is a single dental implant?

I am a 50 year old male. I want to know how painful is a single dental implant?

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Typically, the discomfort only lasts a day or two.
It depends. if placing an implant is in combination with other procedures such as bone graft. If no extra procedure needs to be done, in majority of cases, there will be almost no pain the next day and during the surgery also you are numb and should not feel anything. Overall, it is much easier than extracting a tooth.
Like many things in life, it depends on your current level of pain and the condition of your existing tooth that is going to be replaced. The worst part of the implant is the tooth removal and subsequent bone graft. The tooth is removed usually due to non-restorable situation and usually involves an infection. The severity of that infection is what determines how painful the healing process will be. The implant is placed after healing in our office to make the chance of success as high as possible, usually four months after the extraction and bone graft. The implant placement is usually fairly pain free at that point. Most of our patients cannot believe how easy the procedure is. The reason for this is that we place them while there is no sign of infection in brand new bone. The success rate for this procedure goes up significantly by doing it this way. It takes longer to get a finished product but it is worth it to make sure it takes.
In my experience, is it similar to a filling. An extraction of a tooth is usually more uncomfortable afterwards.
A single dental implant placement is relatively pain free. The procedure can be accomplished with just the use of local anesthetic. Post surgically Ibuprofen is generally recommended and all that you should require.
Very, very little to none.