Naturopathic Physician Questions Constipation

How safe are natural and ayurvedic medicines to treat constipation?

I am having severe constipation for the last 1 week. I am extremely disturbed and irritated because of this and have also been unable to eat well due to this. Are there any natural remedies to treat this issue?

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There are many potential causes of constipation, and a Naturopathic Doctor would certainly be able to do a thorough workup to assess what might be the underlying cause. Regarding treatments, there are countless natural options ranging from nutrition, herbs, supplements, etc. I advise seeing an ND or other qualified physician to get an individualized assessment so you can experience some relief.
Make sure that you stay hydrated with lots of fluids like water. Eat more high fiber foods like berries, bananas, prunes or avocados, whole grains, etc. Get exercise, try to do 30 minutes a day. You can take magnesium supplements, but they are in your foods like whole grains and dark leafy vegetables. You can also add 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your diet to lubricate the intestinal tract.

Dr. Houghton
Hello, there are many reasons for this and one needs to get a proper consultation to assess the cause.
Hello! Thank you for your question. I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem. Yes, there are several natural remedies (herbs, homeopathics, and other options) that can help safely alleviate constipation. The best option(s) would be determined by the particulars of your situation, such as if you’re on other medications or supplements (we want to make sure there’s no negative interactions), your water intake, and other factors contributing to the constipation plus other specific symptoms. The best way to know what to take is to set up a visit with a doctor like me to go over your details and receive a tailored recommendation.
Yes, there is good literature on the short-term use of plants and minerals such as Senna, psyllium and magnesium to treat constipation. For lasting results, the root cause must be investigated and identified. A specific approach to your treatment will depend on this and health history.
Thank you for your question. Constipation can poorly influence quality of life and the cause should be determined before resulting to any treatment. Having said that, yes there are many natural remedies to treat this issue. I often have gotten great results by simple dietary modifications and nutrient repletions.
Hello! I am sorry you are struggling with that. Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything without knowing more about your background and medical history. I would suggest making sure you are WELL hydrated. One of the leading causes of acute constipation is poor diet and poor hydration. If you are having any physical pain, a warm compress applied topically. I would suggest reaching out to your family doc for more advice. Sorry I couldn't help more, but, I don't want to suggest something without knowing more of your background. Feel better!
Yes, there are safe, natural remedies that are effective to treat digestion.

Thank you for your question. Natural and Ayurvedic medicines are used short term to relieve constipation. The emphasis of natural medicine is on balancing diet, increasing fiber rich foods, reducing stressors, optimizing digestion. Without knowing your history and background it’s hard to determine the right treatment at this moment. Please seek licensed practitioner in your area for treatment.
Again you must rule out any serious underlying problem first. Could be life threatening depending on your age. Rule out Obstruction. Go to the ER for an X-Ray or CT Scan. Milk of Magnesium or Magnesium 150mg tabs 3 times daily for 5 days.

There many natural remedies that can treat constipation. Sometimes is as simple as adding a probiotic to you regimen. Other times, it requires looking at the liver and gallbladder which can cause constipation. I would suggest that you find a health professional that can assess why you are having the constipation. I would NOT recommend that you take products that contain Cascara Sagrada on a long term basis to resolve this.
Thank you for your question. Yes, I have been using natural medicines to get answers to severe constipation, digestive issues, and other disturbances without the side effects of conventional medicines.

Dr. Liz
You need to consult with a skillful naturopathic doctor.
You need to treat your colon with care. Laxatives can be too harsh on the pipes... I suggest Flax Seed Oil gel caps, 1000mg, one to two gel caps per day and all should start moving again without harm to the colon's internal works.
Since I do not know your health history, I cannot tell you if Ayurvedic or any other herbal medicine will be safe for you. The more important thing since you have been suffering with severe constipation for at least a week is to make sure you do not have an obstruction of the intestines, which is dangerous, and taking anything over-the-counter to treat your constipation would make things worse. Once you determine if an obstruction is present or not, there are several over the counter herbal blends that can be found in your local health foods store to help, but as always, you should consult your primary physician, naturopathic physician, or any other healthcare practitioner prior to consuming.
Natural remedies are extremely effective at treating all kinds of underlying causes for constipation.
Yes....I have several options. (908) 229-2824
Natural medicines such as those dispensed in Ayurvedic practice can be safe and effective when used appropriately by trained providers. Search for providers that have training and can discuss and recommend the appropriate medicines. Ayurvedic practice incorporates into the patient assessment a very specific form of diagnosis This is topic for another discussion. With respect to the case you present, one week of extreme constipation, this complaint requires a medical (naturopathic, ayurvedic or similar) examination to look for the cause. Simple constipation brought on by poor diet, medication side effects or other, may be relieved by laxative herbs, or food products (senna, soaked flax, rice gruel, mint, triphala, psyllium) among many others. Exercise and lifestyle also should be considered. But in the case of a more severe condition the source of a possible bowel obstruction but must properly diagnosed.
Triphala is an ancient ayurvedic blend of herbs that have show great efficacy in treating many digestive issues including constipation. If no bowel movement has passed in over a week, seek urgent care.
They are very safe, they are your best option.