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How should I comfort my son after his divorce?

My son recently underwent a divorce and is extremely devastated. What is the best way to comfort him?

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What a kind parent you must be. Just be a listener. Nod a lot. If there are no children involved, comment only that the process of separating is always painful, pain lessens with time. Many, many people go through this period, and he will come out the other end. If he doesn’t seem to be moving through it, suggest a group for people going through similar situations.


Marian Shapiro
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Just be his mother and listen to him and try not to judge. I’ve done plenty of marriage counseling and couples therapy and realize it takes two to tango. Consider this a learning ground for future relationships. None of us get a free ride in life and this is obviously something he must go through. I went through it and have children and had my children stolen from me because I had temporarily custody, but lived 5,000 miles away and lost custody. Let him know many go through this and one must learn from it and not be angry all the time, because first is sadness and blaming yourself, then comes anger and resentment. He will come through in time. Group therapy is great for divorcees. He might want to seek a group or see a therapist.