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How to treat my mom's bad foot pain?

This is regarding my mom who is 71. She takes water tablets daily and has a swollen ankle and foot usually. She can barely walk today as her foot is so bad and won't go to the doctor. I wondered if you could advise, please.

Female | 71 years old
Complaint duration: 12/09/2021
Medications: Water tablets
Conditions: High cholestrol

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It sounds like a bad situation. So lets begin by saying, pain is not normal, pain is a signal from our body to tell us there is something wrong. It is a primitive sign to tell us to do something. Now, as far as your concern, there are plenty of doctors that do house calls, especially with covid era, one way of getting your mom to see a doctor is to bring a doctor to her. so please google or call around to medical doctors and foot doctors and see if they do house visit.

AS far as the second part, if your mom don't want to see any medical professional, then there is something mental block going on. AT that point, your job is to find out what is the mental block, paint her the picture of if she doesn't take care of her ailments or delay, the longer and more severe the complications.

hope this helps.
First, has your mother been evaluated and treated for the swelling of her feet and legs by her primary care provider or cardiologist? A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the cardiovascular system (circulation problems affecting the lower limbs).

It's best to be evaluated by a specialist
She will need to see a doctor to get properly evaluated
Call her primary doctor.
I’d love to have an answer for you, but there is no way to make any kind of diagnosis with the minimal information you have given, with no physical evaluation, no history, not even a location on the foot where it hurts. The only information you have given me is about the swelling from water retention, which most likely has nothing to do with her problem. Take her to an urgent care center, her family dr or a podiatrist- there’s no other alternative.

You need to have a non-invasive vascular ultrasound done to look at the arteries and veins. After this, you can determine compression vs. diuretics.

Dr. Patel
If her foot is so painful that she can't walk on it, then you really need to get her in to see her primary care physician or urgent care or her podiatrist. There are many other conditions that can cause foot swellibg that she needs to be evaluated for. This is not something that can be helped on this forum. Please, convince your mom to be seen by a medical professional.
A well fitted over the counter ankle brace maybe helpful
So you’re clearly miss part of her medical history. Water pills are not taken for high cholesterol. They are for venous insufficiency and/or blood pressure issues. The problem she has is called venous insufficiency. This can be a sign of worse issues, such as a blood clot or congestive heart failure. You really should take her to a cardiologist and have them evaluate and treat your mother. Sooner than later…

It is really hard to give advice other than she needs to go to a doctor. She probably needs x-rays for evaluation. Does she wear good shoes or does she wear old and worn shoes. Where is the pain and what is the nature of the pain?
Too numerous possibilities. She NEEDS to see her primary care physician to start.

She may need to have her medication adjusted. I recommend you call her doctor to see if this is something that may help. she can also elevate her legs above her heart