Neurologist Questions Hallucinations

I am hallucinating in bed at night. Is it a serious problem?

Lately I've been having strange hallucinations as I try to fall asleep. Could it be a serious health issue? What should I do?

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Some hallucinations can be benign, but as a general rule, something is going on that needs to de defined and treated. Disorders can range from retinal disease, to neurologic disorders to psychiatric disorders. Start with your internist.
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Although such hallucinations may occur in sleep-deprived individuals, narcolepsy/cataplexy must be ruled out as it can be treated. Narcolepsy may be associated with excessive day time sleepiness. A sleep specialist can take a detailed history and do a polysomnogram (sleep study) and others tests if needed. I assume these are not dreams.
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Hallucinations are never normal. You should be immediately evaluated by a neurologist and a psychiatrist.
I would talk to your primary physician about this as it can be related to blood pressure- They will evaluate you for relevant conditions.
It all depends on what you are considering to be hallucinations. When a person is about to fall asleep, he or she may experience "Hypnagogig jerks of the legs or occasionally the whole body" or vivid dreams as if real. These are benign conditions (jerks) and are not serious, although they may delay the onset of sleep.