Orthopaedic Surgeon Questions Hip Pain

I am having a lot of hip pain. Will a surgery help?

I was in a car accident a week and a half ago, and I'm still experiencing hip pain from it. The doctor said that it should have gone away on its own a few days after since I did not have any serious injuries. If the hip pain never subsides, would I need surgery?

3 Answers

It would be very unusual for a soft tissue injury to not heal. To determine if surgery would be beneficial you would first have to have a diagnosis of the cause of your pain.
You definitely still could be having pain from soft tissue injury alone. If the pain is very severe particularly with weight-bearing and radiographs are negative, then an MRI may be warranted to look for a stress fracture. In the short term low doses of steroids or anti-inflammatory could be beneficial in order to return you to baseline function. In regards to surgery that would depend on what the radiographs or MRI showed and correlating that with your clinical exam
Probably not. If it is still hurting, you may benefit from an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon and conservative treatment, physical therapy, ice, heat, NSAIDs. If it still does not get better after 6 weeks, an MRI could be obtained to get more information.