Physiatrist (Physical Medicine) Questions Back Pain

I am not getting relief from my back pain in spite of pain killers. Please advise.

I am suffering from back pain for the last 2 weeks. I have been taking pain killers to manage the pain, but it is not helping and the pain keeps coming back. Please advise.

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I would suggest seeing a spine physician to get some X-rays, and some physical therapy.
Hi! Any medication changes should be made with your doctor. If your doctor is an interventional pain physician, talking about injections and other procedures would be the best course of action!
You need to go see a doctor and start some physical therapy
You should see a physician and find out what is causing the pain. Self-treating pain with painkillers is dangerous. I will never recommend any patient to take painkillers without consulting a physician.
Return to the doc who provided the pain killers and demand a work up to look for treatable problems
An evaluation by a physiatrist to determine the cause of your back pain and then prescribe the correct course of action would be best.
If the pain is continuing, then you need to see a spine specialist and have a more complete examination, and then most likely start physical therapy to help in strengthening any weak areas surrounding your lumbar spine, and then, should the pain continue, possibly therapeutic injections (try to avoid too many steroid injections if possible - bad long-term problems)
I would need more information about your back pain. Pain is a warning signal that some thing is irritated. Pain medication is just a band aid and strong pain medications (opioids) will get your body addicted to them in a matter of few weeks. We have a national crises with opioid addiction and someone is dying every 18 minutes from an accidental overdose of pain medications.
It could be a muscle strain and typically that gets better in a week or two. You may have a disc problem, bulging disc or herniated disc. Again we need to start with a proper consultation and examination before I make recommendations.
Eipe Kuruvila, MD, FRCA
It would be best to get a work up by a physician who specializes in spine care. A physical exam, x-rays, MRI...etc can go a long way when coupled with a good physical therapist. Pain killers don't solve anything.
You need to be seen by a physciatrist who will test you and get to the underlying problem. It's not good to continue to take drugs without understanding where the problem originates. Drugs only mask problems in your case they are not working, but still going through your liver. Make an appt. asap. If you need further advice, let me know.