Pediatrician Questions ADHD

I believe my son has ADHD. How can I tell for sure?

My son is 1 and a half years old and as I am observing his mannerisms and behavior, I have a feeling that he may have ADHD. The thought itself is worrying me. Are there symptoms to watch out to be sure? How early can ADHD be tested?

6 Answers

Usually ADHD is diagnosed at kindergarten when the child is very hyperactive at home and school. Children at this age and up to 3 years old are usually very active and very short attention span. Reward his good behavior. Watch about sugar snacks and drinks
Unfortunately, the only test is time itself. A child this young cannot reliably be diagnosed with ADHD. You could, however, discuss it with your pediatrician to determine whether a consultation with a developmental specialist might be in order.

Michael G. Martin, MD
Usually, ADHD is diagnosed between 5-7 years of age. The tests are run by neurologists or psychiatrists. There are a lot of behavioral and cognitive ways of treating and training the mind to stay in focus. The sooner you address it, the better outcome you can expect in the long run. Medications are absolutely not the only and ultimate decision. Good luck!
For the benefit of you child, see your Pediatrician for a Connors score from you and the school. Then, it is a conversation with the Dr or an appointment with a neurologist, if necessary. The school may be of help, but you may get faster results on your own.
There is no test for diagnosing ADHD, it is from observation alone. Treatment is not initiated before 5 years.
That is very young to think about ADHD. We generally don't think about that until school age. This is something I would discuss with your doctor