Orthopedist Questions Hip Injuries and Disorders

I fell and have been recommended hip surgery. What are the preparatory steps?

I recently had a fall and have fractured my hip bone. The doctor has recommended surgery. What are the preparatory steps for this surgery? How long will the healing process take?

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Get the heart doctor to make sure your heart is ok for surgery. Healing should take 6-8 weeks.
Each surgery is unique, but often an evaluation from your primary care physician is needed before surgery. I would advise speaking with your surgeon and understanding what will be necessary.
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That's too difficult to answer without more information.
Variables; type of fracture, some fractures need pinning; some fractures require partial or total hip replacement; get consult from orthopedic surgeon who does. Hip surgery
There is very little preparation. Recovery time depends on the type of surgery. Replacement surgery takes less time to recover from than fracture repair surgery.
Depends on the type of fractures
Follow the recommendations of your surgeon. Be sure all of your medical conditions, medications and allergies are known. Stop bleed risk medications, vitamin E well before surgery. Work to increase strength and balance to avoid falls after surgery. You should do well. Full total hip methods produce better outcomes.
Your doctor will make sure that you are ready for surgery and after surgery, weight bearing can be done in different forms as granted by your doctor. Healing time is usually about three months. After surgery is performed, you will begin physical therapy and may need to be placed on blood thinners.
Please describe your fracture. Healing is influenced by many factors.