Surgeon Questions Back Surgery

I had back surgery. Should I see a chiropractor or avoid it?

I had back surgery months ago and am finally recovering. Would it be helpful or hurtful to visit a chiropractor for an adjustment?

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I would never go to a chiropractor until I ask my doctor who fixed my back what he thought I should do.
You have your surgeon who by now will have an appointment with you to see how you are doing so far with your surgery. She/He will be able to tell you exactly if you are ready for chiropractor session.
I have no recommendation. If you are recovering well, then hope for the best.
You may be looking for James Nunley the ortho surgeon. I am a general surgeon.
If you are having back pain I would recommend you return to the physician who performed your surgery. He is most familiar with your back issues, and would likely be more efficient in identifying your problem.

Joseph E. Ronaghan, MD, FACS, FICS
Associate Professor, Dept. of Surgery
I would definitely talk with your back surgeon before visiting any chiropractor or therapist.
This is a tough question and can't be generalized. It depends mostly on the type of back surgery you had and what it involved. See your spine surgeon and they can 'release' you to see a chiropractor if needed.
That question would be better served by asking an orthopedist or a spine surgeon; unfortunately that is not my area of expertise.
Ask your Orthopedic Surgeon if it is indicated.

I would DEFINITELY not do that without checking with your surgeon. Your spinal integrity may be compromised after the surgery and not fully healed. Were you fused? Has he/she let you return to strenuous activity? Many unanswered questions.