Dentist Questions Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom tooth removed yesterday. When can I start eating solid food again?

I recently got my wisdom tooth removed. Although there is no pain, there is slight numbness around the treated area. When can I start eating solid foods again?

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Eating solid food after an extraction is usually not a problem. It is however advisable to avoid extremely hot food or drink as this can damage the blood clot. Friable food (food that crumbles) is not a good idea. Thinks such as biscuits and mashed potatoes and crumbed food is best avoided. You should never smoke after any tooth extraction.
Following your doctor's instructions is important. You are told not to rinse, spit, suck out of a straw, or soda can. The purpose of this is you do not want to lose the blood cloth that has formed in your extraction site. Depending on your situation, some people still smoke. Smoking is one main cause of a dry socket. Once the numbness from the local anesthesia is gone, you can eat. Eating on the side that did not have the surgery, you might try something soft. When you chew you are using both sides of your mouth. Your body will let you know if you are chewing too hard. Opening your mouth can be LIMITED, it will gradually open wider. Pay attention to frequent rinsing with salt water. You want to rinse out any food left in the your mouth. Every one is different, our bodies have a way of letting us know when we ready to do something.
Normally in a couple of days after extraction
Generally 3-4 days later you can back to normal eating. It all depends on your healing capability. Make sure you follow your surgeon's post-op instructions.
You can eat solid foods right away. There are no real eating restrictions after the teeth are extracted.
I would stay on soft diet for 3-5 days. After the post operative check, if all is well, you may start regular diet.
Better ask your dentist. The difficulty of wisdom tooth removal varies so greatly and you would not want to disturb the surgery site. Typically the blood clot fully matures in three days and then you can be a little more aggressive with your diet.
Usually in 3-5 days, most patients return to eating. There is still healing left to happen, but really after 3-5 days, if it doesn't hurt to eat the food, then no problems.
Right away after anesthetic wears off
wait a day or two. You can eat tomorrow, just be careful- favor the opposite side and rinse after eating. If the doctor did not give you instructions, call them ASAP and ask. They are required to tell you.
You can start eating solid food as soon as you feel comfortable with it. You will just want to avoid getting food into the socket directly and avoid biting or chewing on your lip, cheek, or tongue if it is still feeling numb.
You can eat soft things and nothing with seeds so nothing gets stuck in the spaces where the teeth were removed.
Generally, when teeth are extracted, the dentist will give you post-operative instructions which will include when you can start eating. Generally, you can eat again when you can feel your lips and cheeks again. Initially, you will eat soft things for several days. Then you can start firmer things.
You can begin transitioning towards more solid foods, however, avoid hard crunchy things tat break up into hard little nuggets such as nuts, taco chips, etc., that will certainly get lodged into the sockets. Once the sockjets ("holes") are closed, then you can pretty much eat anything.
That's great You are not having any pain right now. Typically, it is recommended first 24 hours to eat and drink only cold things and only soft diet. Then After 24 - 48 hours you can eat and drink warm things but still soft diet. You can start with more solid food at day 3, specially since you are having no symptoms.
There is no set period of time to wait until you are able to eat solid food. You can slowly start reintroducing soft foods into your diet after the numbness goes away. As you can tolerate more tender foods you may consume them. I would recommend leaving tough foods like steak alone for few weeks.
You can eat solid foods right away however eat whatever feels comfortable. Usually soft foods feel the most comfortable within the first few days. Having wisdom teeth removed does not necessarily mean you have to be on a liquid diet but definitely avoid hard, crunchy or sticky foods until the area has healed as those types of foods may be difficult and painful to chew right now. Remember to keep the mouth clean with gentle rinses no matter what you eat.
Depends on how many and type of extraction, but usually, safe to say 2 days.
You can start eating solids within 24 hours. You can progress to normal diet soon after. If you are still numb, you must wait until the numbness ends before chewing as you can end up injuring your cheek or your tongue.
Just to be safe, I'd give it one more day to let a full formation of clot form inside the extraction socket. Avoid vigorous rinsing during this time, then you should be okay as a normal diet begins back in place.