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I have bipolar with psychotic symptoms?

I am suffering from bipolar do I need to take medicine life-long? I have no family history of bipolar I had an addiction to alcohol and cannabis. Is it compulsory to take medicine lifelong. As they say in bipolar you need to take medicine lifelong.

Male | 34 years old
Complaint duration: 2016
Medications: Lithosun zipsydon quiteapine
Conditions: Recovering

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I had a patient with a psychotic bipolar illness when I first met them over 40 years ago. They were medicated with Lithium, as you are - it is the longest used successful treatment. That person is still taking lithium and has never had another attack - no more violence towards others or self, no psychosis. What a miracle drug!

Yes, you have to take it for life. Or perhaps another form of medicine for your type of bipolar illness. Usually it is genetic - however, it was often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. People medicated themselves with alcohol, and some actually died in car accidents caused by drinking, and in bar fights. Perhaps something like that is true in your genetic family. I wouldn’t be surprised. If you have any annoying side effects ask your psychiatrist and they have many options to adjust dosage or change up add ons to make you more comfortable. Be thankful you got diagnosed - like my patient, you can lead a normal life!


Dr. Marian Shapiro
For bipolar disorder, medications are needed life long.

Bipolar disorders are complex, and having addiction recovery increases the complexity and need for close self-monitoring of stress, self care, and relapse potential. Medication use is voluntary and a personal choice. With that being said, if you personally do better on medication than off, then it's reasonable to maintain its use. For some people, lifelong use means they maintain employment, meaningful relationships, sobriety, and sanity.
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