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I've had a right hand shake for 20 years plus?

I am 79 years old I have had a shake in my right hand for 20 years plus. My father had this condition. Could have been caused by my right hand pressing against my desk during my years using a computer. I generally can cut meat etc. but bend my wrist to the left liquids like soup will cause a shake. It is more prevalent after exercise. I find a glass of beer seems to hide this shake. I am on cholesterol and blood pressure medication

Male | 79 years old
Complaint duration: 20 years
Conditions: Cholesterol and blood pressure

2 Answers

I cannot give you a definitive diagnosis based upon your description. That being said, with the family history and the longevity of your tremor, this likely represents a benign tremor. If you are concerned, you should consult a neurologist.
Likely essential tremor, can run in families. Doubt the use of computer had much to do with that. Can be alleviated by beta blockers (blood pressure medication), Valium derivatives, or alcohol. Talk to your doctor about trying a beta blocker or visit the beer stand a bit more frequent.
Dr. F