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Ingrown hair bump?

I shaved about a week ago and now my hair is growing back. And now I have these bumps that appeared today as well as with another ingrown hair bump...and swollen nodes...I want to make sure they aren’t herpes.

Female | 21 years old
Complaint duration: 10/8/20

3 Answers


Blisters can sometimes be caused by either a virus (herpes) or a bacteria (germ). If the condition has not resolved, or if it recurs, please visit a local dermatologist who may culture the blister fluid to determine the exact cause. 

Steve Schleicher, MD
Hi! I reviewed your image and question. Although a bit blurry, the grouped nature of this eruption is suggestive of a herpetic outbreak. Inflammation from an inflamed follicle, trauma due to shaving, and other mechanical irritation can induce a flare. My suggestion is to see a dermatologist and request a culture for herpes simplex and ask for it to be typed HSVI and HSVII. If this is an older image and the eruption is now clear, ask for a blood test called a Herpes Select HSVI and HSVII antibody profile. Don't worry, if this is herpes related, it is highly treatable and highly suppressible. Some bacterial infections can mimic a herpetic outbreak as well so an in-office evaluation for additional testing would be necessary in your case. I hope that you find this information helpful. Best regards!
You need to make an appointment with a dermatologist for evaluation and management.

Kaminska Dermatology Care Team