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Is a chipped tooth a dental emergency?

I am a 25 year old male. I want to know if a chipped tooth a dental emergency?

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Hi, If your tooth chipped and there is no sensitivity. congratulations ! It is NOt an emergency. However, if you chipped tooth is very sensitive and painful after the chipped, then it is an emergency. In the later case, you will need to contact your own dentist ASAP.
Only if it is deep and you are in pain!

David M. Garazi, DMD
Really depends on the health status of the tooth itself. If no decay, not sharp, and no pain, then it’s fine. But only a dentist can determine that, so an exam is advised.
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That's a great question. A chipped tooth is an immediate emergency if it is causing pain or sensitivity, but it is best to see a dental professional just to make sure everything is okay.

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Every person and every situation is different. Please call your dental office and speak with a professional to discuss your specific case. In our office, we do not practice "one size fits all" dentistry. We would be glad to see you and let you know which options would work best for your dental situation and health.
If a chipped tooth is causing you any form of pain , swelling or discomfort, it can definitely be considered an emergency. The amount of pain or discomfort will help qualify how urgent the need to be seen will be.

If there is no pain, it is not a dental emergency

Dr johnson
Yes. Regardless of the size of the chip, it is better to have it seen and treated by the dentist. Sometimes, a tooth can be chipped and the line of fracture cannot be seen by the naked eye and thus needs to be evaluated to avoid any further problem.

It is depending on the severity of a chip. A small chip is not a big concern, but a large chip/crack might lead to bigger problem like a potential nerve exposure, and pain is usually associated with it. Please contact your doctor for immediate evaluation.
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The only reason a chipped tooth would be an emergency is if it is a painful tooth, or the jagged edge of your tooth irritates either your cheek or your tongue.