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Is acupuncture good for alcoholism?

My friend suffers from alcoholism. I want to help him. Is acupuncture good for alcoholism?

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Acupuncture can help with alcoholism by facilitating the body's organ function and helping with the detoxification process.

Acupuncture can also help with addiction side effects and calm the mind and emotions. Learn more here:
Acupuncture has been employed for any addition in the world.
Yes it can help greatly if the patient is motivated to detox.
Yes, there are complex protocols that include supplements for nutritional and liver support and regular acupuncture, including ear acupuncture for relief of alcohol and tobacco addiction.
Maybe after initial detoxification... and definitely after sober. I do not treat people who have consumed alcohol before a treatment. But make sure you are actually experiencing REAL ACUPUNCTURE! Anything less would be you not really trying this system of healing. Find a fully trained professional in Chinese medicine, possessing a master's degree AND 5+ years experience in this field. Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and even Physical Therapists (dry needling) are able to do what looks like acupuncture (but isn't) with a couple weekends of training or less. Buyer BEWARE!
Yes, acupuncture is good for alcoholism.
There are ear acupuncture protocols for any addiction. Check with your nearest practitioner to see if they treat alcoholism. Chances are they do as it's a pretty common treatment.
I'm not clear on what you're looking to do for your friend in this case. Are you wanting him to stop drinking? Is he dealing with cirrhosis of the liver or fluid build up in the abdomen? There are a variety of health issues which can result from chronic alcoholism - some of them can be addressed with acupuncture, some of them are best left to conventional medicine, and some will benefit the most from combining acupuncture with conventional medicine.

If you're trying to make him stop drinking, there is no needle in the world that will accomplish the task if he's not ready to stop drinking.