Emergency Physician Questions High Blood Pressure

Is blood pressure levels of 210/100 an emergency?

My mother-in-law keeps having fluctuating blood pressure levels. Yesterday, she recorded a blood pressure level of 210/100. Do you think this is a medical emergency?

6 Answers

It certainly maybe. I would be concerned for what is called end organ damage like mental status change, neurological changes, heart or kidney damage and she should go to the nearest emergency room for evaluation.
It sounds like this is a blood pressure level that constitutes an emergency, especially if the levels are consistent. More importantly, if she is elderly and has other medical diseases such as diabetes, this could be the beginning of a heart attack. It definitely warrants a trip to the ER.
A blood pressure of 210/100 is very high and could result in “end organ dysfunction.” That is to say that uncontrolled blood pressure as this can result in kidney damage, stroke, and heart damage. I recommend you consult with your primary physician or an emergency room as soon as possible for evaluation and further treatment.
If she does not have symptoms of chest pain, difficulty breathing, stroke-like symptoms, or kidney problems, then this number 210/100 is a "Hypertensive Urgency." This can turn into a Hypertensive Emergency if she does not get proper care.

Sam Kini, MD
No, not if she is asymptomatic, however, it does need treatment urgently by her primary care doctor.

Donald W. Alves, MD, MS, FACEP
Yes, you need a treatment, now you have an increased risk of ictus.