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Is brow lift surgery permanent?

I am a 38 year old female. I want to know if brow lift surgery is permanent?

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A good brow lift, like a good facelift should essentially be permanent in the sense that a person that has one of those anti-aging procedures will always look younger/better than they would had they not had the procedure. If you are asking how long will it take till you look like you do just before the surgery, the answer is that it could be many years (5-10 or more) depending on the type of brow lift that you have. Open brow lifts tend to last longer than endoscopic brow lifts.
In thirty years, I've never met a 38 year old that would benefit from brow lift surgery. And no, brow lift surgery is not permanent. Did you know that you can get a temporary, non-surgical lift with the use of Botox? Consult a professional.
Great question! Because brows that require lifting are often associated with aging, the browlift operation will last years, but is not permanent.
As permanent as any rejuvenation procedure. We all continue to age
Is brow lift surgery permanent? Yes, but some softening will normally occur. Brow lift is often essential if one seeks to correct a sad, angry, or tired expression, or to simply glamorize the eyes. In my *Refresherlift* experience of about 1000 cases, my *DualPlane* Brow Lift has been used in about 70% of the cases to successfully improve one's aging expression. A modest excess elevation is performed in some cases, in anticipation of a minimal recurrent drop of the brow. Plenty of examples can be seen on our website at
demonstrating beautifully the effect of our DualPlane Brow Lift.
Relative to neurotoxin, brow lift is more permanent, but may still require a revision in the future due to age and gravity and skin laxity please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery

No surgery is permanent, but a brow lift done well usually does not require repeating.

Roger Friedman, MD
The type of brow lift procedure will have an impact on how long the results may last for.