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Is brown rice helpful in controlling diabetes?

My husband has been detected with diabetes. Rice is a big part of our diet. Should we switch to brown rice? Will it help in controlling his diabetes and sugar levels?

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Brown rice contains more fiber than white rice so switching to brown rice will mildly help. However cutting back on how frequently you eat rice and lowering portion size would be even more helpful
The more significant factor in controlling diabetes is adhering to a diabetic diet, including strict limitation of sugar and rice intake. As long as you adhere to these limitations, you can switch to brown rice.
Short grain brown rice is preferable for our diet. The amount of rice on our plate should not be more than one cup. Fat in the form of oil or butter (not fried) may be added to make for a smoother glucose response with the meal. The important feature is balance in the meal with the proper proportions: vegetables (1/2 the plate), protein (1/4 plate), 1 cup carbohydrate (rice), 1 cup fruit. For more detail see my book 'A Blueprint for Health Eating: Your Diet Guide for the New Millennium.' available at www.mer-llc.com
No, carbohydrates, regardless of the color, are a stress on the pancreatic insulin secreting cells. I believe a low-carb, high green vegetable diet with moderate protein is the best diet.
Breakfast - 2 eggs, lunch - salad with chicken or nuts, tomatoes, carrots radishes, etc. Dinner - small steak and 2 green veggies.
Dear Patient,

Very good question, asked many times. Bottom line is, brown rice has fiber surrounding grain (not processed), which is different than white rice. This causes a slower rate of digestion and absorption of the carbohydrate in it and can lead to lower levels of blood sugar after eating. This is known as a lower glycemic index food. It is important to note that each 1/2 cup rice (brown or white) is 20 grams of carbohydrates and this must be integrated into daily total carb intake of about 130 grams per day for good control of diabetes and weight. Dietary fiber has many health benefits involving cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract.


M. Leder, MD, FACP, FACE
To some extent. It depends on the quantity.
Brown food is better than white food
Absolutely. The carb content is lower than white rice.
Yes it can ... and most important is portion control and maintaining consistency in meals with carbohydrates
Brown rice may be helpful in controlling BS but is not a miracle treatment for diabetes but it may help. Brown rice is rice with the coat still on (not polished yet) and the husk has a high fiber content that helps control the absorption of sugar from the gut. To me it is not as tasty as polished rice but that is a personal taste. If you like it, use it & it may help. Don't depend on the rice alone however. Check BS, have Dr check HbA1c, and get appropriate medication, life style change & education.