Cardiologist Questions Heart Attack

Is chest heaviness related to my past heart issues?

I had a heart attack several years ago and am just now experiencing a heavy feeling in my chest (mostly on the right). Could it be another impending heart attack? What else could it be?

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Chest pain whether on the right side or on the left side in some one with history of coronary artery disease like yourself should be evaluated and you need to speak with your physician.You may need to have a stress test or whatever he/she suggests.
This could be heart related. You should see your physician. I would be especially concerned if the symptom comes with exertion. Pain at rest is sometimes hard to diagnose without testing.
Yes it could.See your doctor and at least have a stress test
There are numerous causes of chest heaviness or discomfort. One to rule out is heart. Your sysmptom can be related to your heart depending on the circumstances at and during the episodes.
That dull burning feeling in your chest doesn't seem to be going ... Chest pain can stem from dozens of conditions besides heart attack, ... Most of them, though, had a condition unrelated to the heart or arteries. ... Chest pain is only one of the possible signs of an impending heart attack
Chest heaviness in a patient with heart disease is definitely angina . This needs to be checked ASAP thank you
Right sided chest pain can be related to cardiac or heart disease esp. in women as an atypical presentation and in some men as well. It may also be related to lung disease, pleurisy from a cold/congestion /pneumonia, connective tissue disease like lupus, etc., or possibly a pulmonary embolism or clot to the lung.

Please seek urgent medical attention for evaluation.
Possibly, you should see your cardiologist for further evaluation.

Dr Callahan
Having a heart attack in the past definitely puts you at an increased risk of having another one and/or having narrowing of the vessels with resulting chest pain (angina pectoris). The most important thing related to your chest pain is whether or not it is related to activity, and when it comes on, is it relieved by rest. This is more important and predictive if this is related to narrowing of arteries supplying the heart or whether it is something else.
Other causes of chest pain include muscle and bone pains of the chest, lung involvement like an infection or bronchitis. There are a number of other more rare causes as well. If this chest pain is bothering you, or if it is brought up by activity, I would suggest you talk to your doctor and see if he can arrange for you an exercise stress test or some other test like a MIBI, if appropriate.
Anybody with history of coronary artery disease and previous heart attack, history of stents or open heart surgery should take chest pain seriously. The location is not always on the left side and it can be on the right side or in the back. If it is worsen with exertion, it is time for you to see your cardiologist for either a stress test or cardiac catheterization depending on your other history and symptoms. If it is worse after eating a heavy meal it could be acid reflux. If it is similar to your symptoms prior to previous heart attack I would urge you to see a cardiologist.
Yes you could have furthere worsening of coronary artery disease and may be having new blockage or worsening of old blockages
Yes. It is important that you get evaluated by a cardiologist. Chest discomfort of meny types may be a warning sign of advancing coronary artery disease. On the bright side, it does not have to be eminating from your heart, it could be something else. Either way, get it checked out.

Nick Pfeffer M.D
Since you have coronary artery disease and have had a previous event I would not ignore your symptoms and would see your physician tone evaluated. However it's certainly possible your symptoms are non cardiac.
Heavy feeling in the chest, especially during physical activity could be a sign of coronary artery disease (blockages in heart arteries). Having a second heart attack may be more dangerous, because the damage may accumulate and lead to heart failure or "sudden death". This is something that requires cardiology evaluation, probably with a nuclear stress test or heart cath even. Don't delay.
Usually the symptoms of chest pain, pressure, or heaviness that recur years after a heart attack will be very similar to the symptoms that were present at the time of the heart attack although likely not as severe. Chest pain that are related to the heart - angina - that occur years later usually start out with exertion, described as a pressure, heaviness, or tightness on the left side of the chest and are relieved by rest or sublingual nitroglycerin, however this is not always the case. If the symptoms are worsening, even if not quite similar to the prior chest discomfort, they should not be ignored. The non cardiac reasons of chest discomfort are multiple and not the scope of the cardiologist and in most cases should be evaluated by your primary care doctor. To lessen the chances of further heart problems including another heart attack or procedure related to worsening heart blockages, one must strictly adhere to modification of lifestyle by exercising 30-60 minutes daily and following a nutritious low fat, low cholesterol diet on a daily basis.
Chest discomfort could be heart related especially given the fact that you previously had heart attack. Chest discomfort sometimes can be due to other things like lung, stomach, muscle etc. Details needed to differentiate heart related pain from other type of pain. Give that you have history of heart attack, you should get Medical attention asap. Go to ER if chest pain is acute, not resolved or you have other symptoms with it.
Hi, yes it's very possible that it could be a pending heart attack or unstable angina. I would most definitely seek medical attention ASAP. Other possible causes could be costochondritis or gastric causes, but I would have your heart checked first.
Chest pressure may be related to new heart blockage or could be related to other problems arising. Typically once you have had a heart attack you will continue to experience the same discomfort as when you presented the first time. I would recommend proceeding with cardiac testing since you have a history of heart problems.