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Is drinking hot water good for teeth?

I am a 23 year old female. I want to know if drinking hot water is good for teeth?

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Drinking hot water has no effect on the health of your teeth.

The old adage “moderation is key” holds water here. Extreme cold and hot isn’t great … warm or room temperature is! But having a hot cup of coffee or tea is fine. Always allow your oral environment acclimatize back to room temp after your extreme hot/cold foods.
Hope this helps.
If it is hot enough to burn your gums, tongue and throat, it is certainly hot enough to harm the pulps of your teeth. Remember, the pulp (nerve, artery and vein) just fits into the spaces inside the tooth - the pulp chamber and the root canals. Any trauma, which would include extreme temperature, can cause swelling of those tissues. If the swelling is extreme, the pulp can be strangled because it has nowhere to go. That will cause pulpal death and, ultimately an abscess. In addition, extreme temperatures could also contribute to teeth cracking.

Michael A. Conrad, DDS, PC
Drinking hot or cold water is good for the whole body. No harm is done to your teeth if it is hot.
As long as it is not scalding hot, warm water should not be harmful. Alternating between hot and cold, in quick succession, could cause thermal shock and possible cracking of teeth. Hot water would NOT replace brushing and flossing.