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Is it okay to drink alcohol with braces?

I got my braces 2 days ago. Is it okay to drink alcohol with braces?

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Yes, it is ok to drink alcohol with braces. However, with any beverage that contains sugar, you must be diligent with your oral hygiene home care routine. I can not stress enough to stick to a strict brushing and flossing regime, especially while in braces. Braces make it challenging to maintain excellent oral hygiene. So while you are enjoying your alcoholic beverage just be mindful to keep up with your oral hygiene routine. One more important tip is to incorporate a fluoride treatment. The fluoride could be as simple as a 30-60sec over-the-counter rinse or a prescription dispensed by your dental care provider.
Generally speaking the answer is yes, but as applies to people with or without braces, only in moderation. One thing to remember is that you should avoid sugary drinks, or at least rinse really thoroughly following a sugary drink. Wine, beer and many mixed drinks would be considered sugary, so be sure who rinse, brush and floss thoroughly and regularly! Hope that helps?
You should discuss this with the dentist who put the braces. I personally do not think that there should be any restriction but we only do Invisalign and we do not do braces.
If you have good oral Health and take care of your teeth by cleaning them well.
Yes. In moderation.
I have never seen a contraindication to alcohol with braces. As always drink in moderation and don't mix drinking with driving.
In moderation.