Anesthesiologist Questions Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Is manipulation under anesthesia effective?

I have issues with chronic back pain, mainly in my lower back--and no matter what I do or what I take it's not going away. Should I consider manipulation under anesthesia? Does it work well?

5 Answers

Absolutely. There is a certification that American medical board give to a chiropractor to do manipulation under anesthesia.
Manipulation under anesthesia works very well for patients that have too much muscle guarding and spasm around the spine. The adjustment is much gentler when there's no resistance from the patient while under anesthesia.
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Try yoga.
Manipulation Under Anesthesia or MUA can be a very effective treatment for conditions like non surgical spinal fusions, or spondylosis, or frozen shoulder. If you haven't already tried Chiropractic I would start there. MUA may be an option if you are not getting any relief after that.
I have never heard of this procedure and have no information on it. A good registered massage therapist is the best treatment in my opinion.