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Is shoulder physical therapy painful?

I will have shoulder physical therapy. Is shoulder physical therapy painful?

4 Answers

It's important to know that while physical therapy aims to relieve pain and improve function, some discomfort can be a part of the healing process. The intensity can vary depending on the specific condition being treated and your personal pain threshold. However, the treatment goal is always to ensure that any discomfort is manageable and within safe limits. During your sessions, it's crucial to communicate openly with your therapist about how you're feeling. This communication allows therapist to adjust the therapy as needed to ensure it's both effective, and comfortable for you.
Initially it can be painful but once the tissue starts to improve & heal, the pain lessens.

If you’re not at least sore after PT, go to a new PT.
Usually not
It can be depending on the specific condition being treated. Trigger point knots and tight capsular tissue can be painful when we work on them but then feel better afterwards. If it is painful, it must produce results afterwards in order to make it worth going through the process. It can definitely help though.