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Is skin dryness common in older people?

My mother is 76 years old and is suffering from dryness of the skin. Her skin is also very itchy, what can be done to relieve her of this skin dryness. Is it a skin issue or a normal symptom of ageing?

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Stop using soap unless in axillary area, genitals and to wash hands. Soap dries oils and will make skin dry
Yes, dryness of the skin is common. She can stay away from room heaters and other sources of dry heat. She can use cream to relieve the dryness. Make sure she is hydrated with water.
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It is very common. Getting a good lotion and applying daily/twice a day should help significantly with the itching and the dry skin. Many patients like Aquaphor or the generic equivalent. Also Amlactin is good and easy to spread.