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Is stress a medical condition or an emotional term?

I am having a lot of work load in office that leaves me feeling stressed. Sometimes the excess work even affects my productivity. Is stress considered a health condition or an emotional problem?

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Stress can cause medical and emotional problems but it is treatable.
It is neither. Stress is an environmental pressure put on a person. It can be work, school, finances, children, illness, etc. It can affect people mentally as well as physically. Mental effects can be anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, decreased concentration, difficulty making decisions, decreased sex drive, etc. Physically, it can contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, decreased immune system function, even cancer if it continues for prolonged periods. There are some technics to relieve stress (google it). Medications may be helpful. See a psychiatrist.
Continuous and severe stress may lead to medical conditions
Stress is anything that affects functioning: it may be emotional in cause or physical or a combination of both [such as pain]. The effects of long term stress do include physical changes in the body such as elevated stress hormones, such as cortisol. Even purely psychological stressors can lead to physical changes if they persist.
Stress is a condition of life. Being able to cope with stress is a skill that one learns in life. Not coping with stress can lead to worsening of medical conditions and behaviors. Coping with stress can be learned though work with a good mental; health professional.
Stress is a part of life. Stress is neither a medical nor an emotional condition. How one deals with stress will determine whether one becomes medically ill (examples - peptic ulcers, skin problems, exacerbation of asthma, incrrased heart rate, diarrhea, etc.) or emotionally disturbed (examples - anxiety and depression). Stress management/learning some de-stressing techniques can prevent the onset of physical and emotional disorders.
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Stress can be defined as an emotional reaction to any situation, circumstance, or event which causes pressure or strain. Stress often results from unrelenting demands that can be placed upon us and the related expectations. Work environments are very common places where stress is exhibited. Moreover, stress can frequently manifest in tangible ways that can create or exacerbate (make worse) medical or physical conditions. It is important to develop healthy ways by which to eliminate or diminish stress in all areas of our lives whenever possible.
In extreme cases, it may become necessary to seek the advice and expertise of a healthcare professional.
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It is a disruption of the body or mind, it is not a diagnosis.