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Is there a pressure point to relieve foot pain?

I have foot pain for the last 2 weeks. I want to know if there is a pressure point to relieve foot pain?

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Yes, there is a solution!
I encourage you to book an appointment with the practitioner of your choice. Acupuncture can be very effective for pain
There are many points for pain relief. See your local acupuncturists for detailed information based on your case.
There isn't just one point indicated for foot pain and where the needles would be placed depends on the condition causing the pain.
There are hundreds of "pressure points." Need more detail to answer this. But it is best you see a professional, in person. Most importantly, since you are thinking about doing acupuncture, do find a qualified and real acupuncturist! Anything less would be you not really trying this system of healing. Find a fully trained professional in Chinese medicine, possessing a master's degree AND 5+ years experience in this field. Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and even Physical Therapists (dry needling) are able to do what looks like acupuncture (but isn't) with a couple weekends of training or less. I would NOT let any of these inadequately trained people NEAR ME. :-)
Everyone is different and there are MANY causes of foot pain. There is no one point for it. Your acupuncturist will know what to do.
Yes, there are pressure points to relieve foot pain. What part of the foot is giving you pain? If the pain is in the sole, you can pressure the KI1 (yong quan), it is a little bit above the sole.
I'm sure there are probably several points that might be effective for foot pain. Are any of them going to work for your particular foot pain? No idea because I don't have enough information about your foot pain to even begin to hazard a guess.

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