Naturopathic Physician Questions PCOD

Is there any natural treatment for PCOD?

I am a 25 year old woman and I have been suffering from PCOD. Is there any natural way that can help me get my periods regularly? I am due to get married in a year and hence wanted to know how can I get my periods sorted out.

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Hello, endocrine and reproductive diagnoses need to be monitored regularly by your specialist - gynecologist or endocrinologist. Lab analysis of hormone panel is typically done comprehensively before any treatment regimen is recommended or started. Since it seems you already have a diagnosis of PCOD and have plans for your future, it is important to get things regulated so that you can continue to live a long reproductive life, regardless of your family plans. I'd suggest seeking out a naturopathic doctor if you are curious about the ways we can help address PCOD and start implementing lifestyle medicine and hormone cycling protocols naturally that may decrease symptoms and may improve your status long term.
I'd say a condition like PCOD is where natural medicine can really shine! So, yes, there are plenty of natural treatment options. Care would typically involve comprehensive testing of hormones and other markers. Treatments can vary from certain herbs, nutrients, or dietary changes. Most naturopathic doctors would be familiar with the options and how to individualize care to you.
There is not a specific diet so to speak for PCOS. Having said this, people who have been on a low glycemic index diet, anti-inflammatory diet, or DASH diet have been able to manage their symptoms. Including foods like natural, unprocessed foods, high-fiber foods, fatty fish, dark leafy green vegetables, dark red fruits, broccoli/cauliflower, dried beans, healthy fats like olive oil, coconut or avocado, and nuts. The main thing to manage your symptoms is to keep a healthy weight, limit your carbohydrates, and get exercise.
Yes, of course hormone imbalances are complex and you need a proper assessment. Liver health, diet is important to assess.

First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Yes, there are many ways to help PCOD/PCOS naturally. There are many hormone balancing herbs as well as key nutrients that help to regulate the endocrine system (the part of your body that is responsible for making your hormones), as well as your blood sugar. That's right, blood sugar! There are also nutritional changes to support these goals as well. Topical treatments like castor oil packs over the liver can be supportive to the above as it helps to gently flush out the liver which plays a key role in filtering out and making hormones. Here's an article that touches on the blood-sugar and dietary roles in PCOS:

Many herbalists and naturopaths can make you a custom blend of herbs to help balance your hormones, but for a full and comprehensive tailored treatment plan to maximize results, see naturopathic doctor or functional medicine doctor, in-person or via telehealth.
There are a few things natural that will help you get your period regulate. There are naturopathic doctors, that do specialize in that.
Yes, there are many natural, individualized treatments that can help you begin to have regular periods. We assess each woman for her individual history and then provide a comprehensive treatment plan including dietary, lifestyle, herbal or vitamin treatments after assessing labs to understand the underlying causes.
Yes! There are many natural options to choose from. I have several PCOS patients who are either cycling monthly or on a more regular basis. Diet, herbs and supplements are just some of the natural options.
With proper identification of the underlying cause and then continued treatment we can help regulate your cycles better. However, there is usually not a simple, 1 supplement type of answer. Please call the office to schedule a consult where we can discuss the possible causes and treatments. Dr Anderson
Yes, first I draw labs the week before menses or anytime after ovulation. Those labs show me what you need to get your cycles back. I treat many PCOS women with great success. I often use progesterone (cyclically), Metformin and possibly spironolactone. Not all women are the same.
First, you need to check all your hormones for deficiencies and toxicities with lab studies for: FSH, LH, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA. Then make corrections with supplementations.

Yes, you can try Lobelia and magnesium.

Dr. Liz
There are definitely ways to help address your condition with natural therapies. It will involve a holistic approach addressing lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress. On top of that, your protocol will include supplements. When you find a naturopathic doctor to work with, he or she will most likely ask for your lab results or will order you some labs. This will further assist in directing your treatment protocol to the areas of your body that needs extra help.
I hope this helps you.
Please consult with a naturopathic doctor who specializes in woman's health.
This is my favorite question! This is my absolute favorite thing to treat. I use a combination of herbs and bio-identical hormones to regulate your body and get things back on track. If there is a history of a hormonal birth control (pill or IUD) we have some adjusting to do so we can remind your body what normal is. It's hard to get more specific without knowing
personal history, but this is completely treatable with lifestyle and diet changes along with naturopathic tools.
This is an all too common problem for young women. There are natural options. I suggest you find a licensed (check your States laws) Naturopathic Physician or other licensed physician who have experience working with PCOS. There are effective ways of using bio-identical hormones to help women such as you with this problem. Check medical resources in your area that use such hormones and natural support therapies.
Yes, there are several natural treatment for PCOD/PCOS. Natural treatments are recommended based a through history and the individual. Most common therapies used are nutrition, herbals and acupuncture to balance hormones. I recommend finding a Naturopathic practitioner near you to discuss and individualized plan for you.
Yes, there are natural hormone therapies that help regulate the growth of cysts in the ovaries. Most likely the cause is due to toxicity...usually metal. This type of true cellar healing may take up to 6 months to a year. if you want further information.

Lori M. Dubetz, ND
PCOD is commonly a problem of excess estrogen and androgens. There are many natural solutions, primarily with diet. Start with some ground flax seeds and a good consultation with a doc to help you specifically.
Yes, there are all Natural ways to treat PCOD