Psychiatrist Questions Yoga

Is yoga helpful in treating sleep disorder?

I am 17 years old and I am having a problem getting the right amount of sleep. This is making me feel very tired throughout the day. Do you think practicing yoga can help me treat my condition?

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Any type of exercise can help with sleep. Vigorous exercise is best. Do not exercise for several hours before sleep.
By all means try it but also talk with your doctor.
Getting adequate sleep every night is important for your well being. What are the factors contributing to your lack of sleep? Is your insomnia related to lack of regularity in your bedtime hours, or is it from too much worrying, is it related to other physical conditions such as breathing problems? It is helpful to look at these factors first because correction of these factors can help alleviate your sleep problem.
Yoga in the evening can help you relax and hopefully help you get a good night's rest.
Yes, it can. It helps you center your energy and your mind in your body so you can calm your mind and rest easier.

Thanks for your question. Yoga can help you to relax and can be a component of a treatment plan to treat insomnia. Let me share some helpful tips for better sleep: having a regular bed time; avoiding electronics at least an hour before going to bed (most experts actually advice 2 hours, but that can be hard to do); avoiding caffeinated drinks at least 8 hours before going to bed; having a bedtime routine; daily exercise, yoga included, however, do not exercise right before going to bed. I encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor to figure out the cause of your insomnia and get help implementing a treatment plan.

Yvonne Hall, MD
Yes yoga has shown to help insomnia. Researchers at Harvard Medical School investigated how a daily yoga practice might affect sleep and found broad improvements to measurements of sleep quality and quantity.
Yoga can help if the cause of your trouble sleeping is anxiety.
Yes, but there are other causes of sleep problems. There is CBT for insomnia and other reasons for fatigue. Make sure you get a general check-up.
Depending on the underlying issue triggering somebody’s sleep disturbance, a variety of relaxation techniques may be helpful, including yoga. This presumes that more serious problems have already been ruled out by a sleep specialist. I would recommend you follow up with a sleep specialist to assess your specific issues.

Jean-Jacques Rajter, MD.
Any form of exercise significantly improves sleep for those who suffer from chronic insomnia. A recent study showed only study that exercise reduced the time it took to fall asleep and increased the length of sleep compared to a night in which no exercise was done. Although I would check with a sleep specialist to find out the cause of your insomnia, trying yoga or any form of relaxing exercises should help the quality of your sleep.