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Lost taste and smell?

For the last three months. I've had no taste/smell. I had no advice from an ENT I went to. I have not tested for covid. I am fully vaxxed and had the booster. Any advice?

Female | 67 years old
Complaint duration: 3
Medications: Dicyclomine
Conditions: Diverticulitis

7 Answers

Check for Covid
It will take 6 to 12 months
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Yes, anosia or loss of smell is very common with Covid. Other than Covid you almost never see that. It's possible you had Covid in the past and the loss of smell persists. Most people get their smell back within three months but there are some people who take longer. You should go have a new Covid test and also check to see if you have antibodies generated by your immune system as a result of having had the vaccine. Even if you did have Covid in the past, I think a tincture of time with resolve the problem, and your smell will return.
It is highly likely that you have been infected by COVID-19. 3 x vaccine is good, but not 100% effective. There are many different types of immune response, and yours might be one of the weaker ones. Even among those with a strong immunity from vaccinations can still get infected and even get quite sick from the infection..
Although you are fully vaccinated does not mean you'll never have covid. You may have what we call subacute form of covid between the shots. It can still be possible the vaccine can cause the side effects. With these only time can tell.
Hello again,

I just replied recommending stop Dicyclomine and try OTC fiber, BUT I just reminded myself you have diverticulitis for which, if you have active diverticulitis, you much be on a low-fiber diet (sooo NO fiber) to rest your GI tract. BUT if you are recovered by diverticulitis, you are safe to take a high-fiber diet (bulky stool can slide the stool right past the not-infected or inflamed empty pouches of diverticuli).

Lucille Len, MD.
Loss of taste/ and or smell can be caused by COVID infection and can persist many months after the acute exposure. Other causes can be sinus or upper nasal/throat infections which usually have symptoms of persistent congestion. Allergies are another potential cause. Some medication can also cause change or loss of taste. Dicyclomine often causes dry mouth and can impact taste sensation as well. Hope this was helpful. Dr T - Guardiant Health