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My baby is in her rolling phase. However she didn’t roll for an entire day. Is everything okay?

I have a baby girl who is 5 months old. She is currently on her rolling milestone. However yesterday she didn’t roll or even try to roll for a full day. Is it something to be worried about?

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Did she roll off the edge and get scared or hurt her arms or legs? If so it may be a day or 2 before she starts back. If it persists she should not loose milestones.
I realize this response is a little late. I trust your baby is rolling now.
I would be concerned if a baby stopped doing something she was previously doing, but if a baby stopped temporarily, I would not think anything was wrong. I'm assuming she wasn't ill, or hadn't fallen.

Has she resumed rolling?


Dr. M
No, nothing to worry, baby goes through these phases.
There is nothing to be worried about for a short time.

We worry when a baby regresses in their development. Meaning for a persistent time they stop doing things they did and revert to older milestones they did at a younger age. I wouldn’t consider a day or even a week to be a concern.
It is absolutely ok. She is probably concentrating on something else. Kids roll at different times. Enjoy the baby.
It most definitely is of no concern. We grown ups similarly do not do all the things we are expected to do daily.
That is fine. These things wax and wane.
No, I would give her another day. See if she's in pain. Try to roll her passively & note any discomfort, pain or fretting. Check movement of all her limbs, feel her torso for tenderness. Then see a pediatrician if you are concerned.
No. Totally normal for her to take a break. Hey, if it lasts for more than a few days, have her evaluated by her pediatrician.