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My cancer treatment plan?

I am a cancer patient and am on chemo. I need surgery for an unknown mass. Should I finish all my chemo treatments, then have the surgery?

Female | 71 years old
Complaint duration: 072021
Medications: chemo
Conditions: cancer

3 Answers


You are asking a very important question which cannot be answered based on the information that you have provided. I am suspecting that you have had a biopsy of the mass to determine the most effective treatment regimen. Each type of cancer is treated in a unique fashion based on the histology of the tumor. Some cancers do better with pre-operative chemotherapy, but others receive chemotherapy following surgery. Some cancers are treated primarily with chemotherapy.

So in order to provide good information to you, more information is needed.

If you are unable to ask these questions of your doctor it would be a good idea to obtain a second opinion from an excellent source. These can be obtained from any academic cancer centers. Another place to obtain good second opinions is large medical centers such as the Mayo Clinic.

Good luck in your quest.
Often a good idea to finish chemo, then do surgery.