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My daughter sits with her back slanted. How can her posture be corrected?

My daughter is 9 years old and every time, even though I try to correct her often, she sits in a slanting position. What can I do to correct her posture?

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Common for kids to do; this my own daughter does this. It’s about awareness. Take a picture of her slouching verses sitting up. I guarantee everyone looks better with great posture.
In my opinion, the first thing would be to find out if there is a biomechanical cause such as scoliosis. Depending on the cause, various treatments may be able to help correct her problem. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor who works with children. In my experience, chiropractic treatment usually does a better job than allopathic medicine for most spinal misalignment issues.
Find different ways to correct her in a manner she adapts to. If she does have, or is developing a spinal curvature, a chiropractor would be a good place to start.
Start with getting her off the cell phone.
First you have to determine if this is a posture of comfort or structure. Scoliosis can cause altered postures due to the curvature of the spine. A Chiropractic evaluation, with or without 1 or 2 Xrays of her spine, especially the thoracic spine, will determine whether its comfort posture or structural, then after that diagnosis, a game plan to correct her posture will be easier to create and perform. Hope i helped. Got your back! Dr. Todd Gewant- Chiropractor
teach her proper posture or visit a chiropractor and let them check to see if there is a problem that will need correcting first.
That’s a tough one because she is young. We all need to take responsibility for our posture. Take a picture of her and show how she looks all slouched. This technique may work better in a few years. But even little girls want to look beautiful! Good luck!
Yes, now is the time before skeletal maturity sets in. Chiropractic care is ideal
Thank you for the question.

Posture is often involuntary and the lowest energy position that our bodies end up in. This is why, regardless how many times you tell her, she will not maintain the better posture until she strengthens the muscles in her core. A great exercise to start with is called the bird dog exercise. An example of it can be found here.
Depends on what a good chiropractic posture exam would show
Have her spine evaluated by a chiropractor
You must have serious talks wit your children. Also, take her to a reputable chiropractor.

First, I would need to do a full exam to determine why this is happening. I would also obtsain a full history of her health. Then we would proceed from there. Just as going to an MD who does Lab work ... so would I to determine the cause. I would not need Lab work but would do a thorough exam!
Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you!
Proprioceptors are nerve receptors in every joint in the body. They send the brain information about where the body is in space. Based on your description of the issue it sounds like her proprioceptive input to her brain is not getting through correctly all the way, if it was her brain could send signals down to her postural muscles activating them to keep her body stabilized correctly. It sounds to me like a good chiropractor who does adjustments for children should be able to help with the issue. If you are not too far from north Hollywood, California I offer no charge consultations to see if i can help. My office number is 8187933783. Have s great day!
Dr Brian
She needs to be taught how to do postural exercises. Feel free to call my office (631)462-0917
Very common now a days for kids to develop this hunched posture do to iPods/Pads and book bags. 1st things first have her evaluated by a Chiropractor and Physical
Therapist for muscle and joint imbalance. She may be a candidate for postural retraining therapy.
Many times especially in children they may have alignment issues that makes it very difficult for them to be able to hold an upright posture. Society right now allows for tablets, phones, etc starting at very young ages. This means that the body is trying to grow to adapt to these positions. Chiropractic treatment especially for pediatric patients will help adjust her spine into position and we can utilize some physiotherapy modalities to help strengthen the muscles in place so it can hold in place.
Posture can be corrected via postural exercises and retraining done on a continual basis. Habits of slanting and slouching are tough to break at that age and most of it will be corrected as she gets older. Encourage proper posture by introducing her to some well rounded exercise or yoga or other gentle moves. Even involving her in sports or dance can help her attain better spinal posture.
This is tough as you need to get her consciously competent about the issue. She needs to see how this can affect her health in he future...tough to get across to a 9-year-old with no cares in the world. Relate it to whatever she loves doing, e.g., if she loves to dance, tell her that better posture will make her a better dancer (it really will!). Find a way to link the bad posture to something your daughter values. Research shows that for every minute deviation in posture, every major measure of health is affected.

It is possible that she has a structural problem created by a biomechanical imbalance in the musculoskeletal system. This can cause weakness in the muscles and loss of normal spinal motion. It could also be habitual.
Ask her if sitting correctly causes discomfort and/or pain and makes her back feel tired. Also, have her stand in front of you with her back to you looking straight ahead in a relaxed position. Look to see if her head is tilted to one side and if one shoulder is higher than the other. Then put your index fingers on each side at the top of the pelvis and see if one is higher than the other. Have her stand sideways and see if her head is projected forward over her chest.  If any of what I have advised is present a chiropractor could help. In my experience children respond quickly to chiropractic care.
Often times, the posture you are describing is caused by misalignment of her pelvis. If it is, it can be corrected by a series of gentle adjustments by a chiropractor. I see lots of children in my office and they usually respond very favorably to care. There is always the possibility that her posture isues are coming from another source so it is always best to have her seen by a professional to ensure it isn’t something more serious. If there is anything I can assist you with, please feel free to reach out.
You need to involve her daily activities in sport mostly swimming, dancing, gymnastics, kung-fu, hiking, and same time twice weekly seeing a chiropractor where she gets adjustments, massage, and other physiotherapy, than one time considering her success.
Hi! I’m not sure what you mean. Good posture means having a balance between opposing muscle groups. I guess without really knowing what you mean, I would not worry about too much. How old is your daughter? Has she seen a physician about this issue?
At this point, most likely there’s not a lot you can do about it because the spinal column builds up as she try to avoid pain, the best thing to do is have her checked out by a good chiropractor with in your area to rule out a possible serious compensating scoliosis if you are with in Riverside County I’ll be more than happy to check her in for a consultation if you have any further questions please call me back at 951-888-1538 and I’ll be happy to give you more details I’ve been successful in treating a at this point most likely there’s not a lot you can do about it because her care which are in the spine took place the best thing to do is have her checked out by a good chiropractor with in your area and if you are with in Riverside County I’ll be more than happy to check her out for a consultation if you have any further questions please call me back at 951-888-1538 and I’ll be happy to help your daughter
I would highly recommend chiropractic care. Posture become poor due to stress and the body's adapting to the stress in a less than optimal manner. Once an individual starts receiving chiropractic care, we start to help the body respond in a more optimal way when it comes to physical, chemical and mental/emotional stressors. From this, one of the benefits that will happen is better and improved posture.