Speech-Language Pathologist Questions Speech and Language Problems in Children

My daughter speaks very loudly, should we visit a speech-language pathologist?

My daughter speaks very loudly, especially to her older brother. What is causing this? I am sure she isn't doing it on purpose.

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Visiting a speech-language pathologist may help. I would also recommend having her hearing evaluated to rule out any ear issues.

Adrianna Sulaica, Au.D., CCC-A
Take her to an audiologist to have her hearing tested.
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One of the reasons for loud speech is some degree of hearing loss. I would rule out any degree of hearing loss first by consulting an Audiologist in the area
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Has your daughter participated in hearing screenings at school? I would have her consulted by an audiologist/pediatric audiologist just to rule out any hearing difficulty that might contribute to her speaking loudly. Once we rule out a hearing difficulty, then we can consider an SLP to work with her on proper vocal hygiene and protecting her voice if that is needed. I would say let's rule out a hearing concern first.

When children speak loudly, it is sometimes as a result of them not hearing themselves efficiently. Have you had her hearing assessed by an audiologist or an ENT?
How old is your daughter? Is she trying to make her voice heard? Is she trying to keep up with her older brother? Often, this is the case. She might be trying to assert herself if others are speaking over her. If it isn't causing her to have a sore throat, there shouldn't be a cause for concern.
You might try speaking more quietly to her, and modeling that lower volume at dinner or wherever she speaks that way.

It may be a hearing or voicing issue. Have you had her hearing checked lately?