Oncologist Questions Cancer Chemotherapy

My father is suffering from severe diarrhea as a result of his chemotherapy. What should we do?

My father is 72 years old and is taking chemotherapy treatment for his colon cancer. He has been suffering from severe diarrhea for the last week after his last chemotherapy session. What can we do to manage this better.

3 Answers

Chemo can cause diarrhea. Tell this to his oncologist for a remedy.

It is hard to give a precise answer without knowing the details of your father's treatment. He and you should definitely get in touch with the oncologist overseeing his care. Below are some general guidelines for post-chemotherapy diarrhea.

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R. Bok
Stay hydrated
Don't lose weight
Make sure not c diff not bleeding
Starch frequent small meals no veges or fruit or milk or high sugar
Soft land protein six meals a day small
Immodium under supervision
Stop lazxatives magnesium
Tincture ipium before meals or half codeine if diarrhea comes right after eating
Painful diarrhea change in color weight loss fever need professional review w tests