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My left eye sight went out this morning?

I went to sleep and woke up to no sight in my left eye?

Male | 59 years old
Medications: Lisinopril
Conditions: High bloid

9 Answers

Seek medical help immediately!! You may have had a “stroke” in your eye or have a massive Retinal detachment. Either way, seek help immediately.
This is an emergency and needs evaluation immediately
Depends on the diagnosis. A complete ophthalmologic exam should be performed.
Go directly to the emergency room!
Abrupt, severe vision loss can be a serious problem. Blood clots, bleeding in the eye, retinal detachments, and strokes in the eye can cause abrupt changes. All of these should have prompt attention from your local ophthalmologist. Either an emergency room can connect you or please call your regular ophthalmologist immediately.
You need to see a qualified eye care professional as soon as possible.

Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD
That’s consider an emergency. Contact your optometrist or ophthalmologist and if after hours please go to the Emergency room and the emergency doctor could contact an ophthalmologist to assess you. This could be a retinal detachment which needs to be operated on as soon as possible to have better visual outcome. It could also be a artery or vein occlusion and if you wait too long the vision lost may not be recovered. Certain conditions like hypertension and diabetes can out you at risk of retinal detachment and/or bleeding.
This is an eye emergency. You need to be examined as soon as possible if an eye care provider is not available then go to the local emergency room.
Seek immediate medical care. It could be a lot of serious causes.