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My stitches done for gum grafting have become loose. What can I do?

I underwent a gum grafting surgery 6 months back. However the stitches that were done during the grafting have now become loose.What can I do to deal with this?

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It is normal for all sutures to come out after 6 months of healing. In most cases, the stitches are only beneficial during the first 2-3 weeks following the surgery and then will dissolve or be removed by your surgeon. Make sure to follow your instructions given at the day of the surgery to prevent complications.
See the treating dentist asap.
The sutures should not stay in place longer than one month. Go to your dentist and have the sutures removed.
Sutures (stitches) used for gum grafting are usually removed after 1-2 weeks, you should return to the doctor that did the gum graft for suture removal.
If you still have stitches in your mouth after six months, they should be removed immediately, as they will wick bacteria into your gums around the grafted areas. You are welcome to email me so I can better assess your situation knowing all the details, which will help me help you. I am a periodontist.
Sutures don’t last 6-months.
Sutures are only supposed to stay in for a maximum of 6 weeks if at all. The fact that you still have sutures in place makes me a little concerned. Stitches also accumulate plaque and bacteria and you do not want that around your recently grafted teeth.
I would recommend you make a follow up appointment to have those sutures removed. If you live near one of our offices, they can schedule you also to have them removed. We would charge a minimal exam fee that would be covered by dental insurance if you have benefits remaining. I hope this is useful.

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Dr. Neal

It is odd for you to have sutures for 6 months. I would call the dentist who did the graft and see what their advice is.
I believe you have a typo in your text. When did you have the gum graft, 6 months ago or 6 days ago? It is okay for some stitches to come loose, sometimes they are dissolvable stitches...
If non-absorbable stitches were placed, they might stretch a bit and become loose. If they are hanging, you will need to see the surgeon to evaluate, and remove if necessary....

The risk of these stitches becoming loose is that the tissue graft might move around and not take properly....

The stiches should have been removed within 2 weeks of the surgery. Why are they still in your mouth?
They should be removed. They should have been removed after a few weeks. Depending on the material they are made out of - perhaps sooner.
How can you have stitches after 6 months. Either the stitches were removed or resorbed by know according to the type of sutures used.