Urologist Questions Urinary Tract Infections

My urine smells. Is it an infection?

There's a strong smell coming from my urine, and it's so intense that I have to change my underwear 2 to 3 times a day. Should I see a doctor? Could it be a sign of a urinary tract infection?

6 Answers

Maybe but smelly urine alone is not likely an infection. Come to a urologist to get it checked out
Are you changing your underwear because you are incontinent? You may have a urine infection, or a more serious problem. Get your urine checked with your doctor today. Follow up with your regular doctor. You may need the help of a urologist.
Increase fluid intake.
Yes, this can signify an infection. It would be best to be evaluated.

Thank you,

Lauren Eisenberg, DO
It could be an infection or may be related to your diet. Do you have other symptoms such as burning with urination, strong urges to urinate, frequency or cloudy urine? My best advice would be to see your doctor and have a urinalysis done.
Yes it could be a urinary tract infection. Yes I would recommend a check up with your doctor. If there’s no sign of infection, then it could be something you are eating or else you urine could be very concentrated, in which case you could consider drinking more fluids.