Ophthalmologist Questions Retina Surgery

Ophthamologist surgeon VS retina surgeons

Are ophthamologist surgeons the same as retina surgeons, who is better apt for a retina surgery?

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Most general Ophthalmologists do not do retinal surgery. I would see a retinal specialist for retina problems and surgery.
Retinal surgeons have to do a fellowship in retina which requires extra training in retina. Usually they are much better trained and able to handle any type of retinal surgery.
An ophthalmologist will just refer you to a retina specialist if retina surgery is needed.
All retinal surgeons are ophthalmologists who subspecialize in retina surgery. Retinal surgeons are better at performing retinal procedures.
Ophthalmologists are eye surgeons and retinal specialists are ophthalmologists who have additional training in retinal surgery. I would recommend seeing a retinal specialist for an evaluation regarding possible retinal surgery.

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Ophthalmologists ARE surgeons, but most do not do retinal surgery unless fellowship trained in that. So, if I needed retinal surgery, I would find an ophthalmologist that is fellowship trained in retina or a “retinal specialist.”

Stephen M. Hamilton, MD
It depends on the surgery.
Ophthalmologist are medical doctors with specialized training to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of ocular conditions. A retina surgeon has had the same training, but in addition, specific training in the management of medical and surgical treatment of retinal diseases such as macular degeneration, and retinal detachments, and diabetic eye disease.
Both are specialists but for surgical treatment the retinal surgeons will be better
Comprehensive ophthalmologist are eye surgeons that are qualified for cataract and simple glaucoma surgery. If you have any retina disease requiring any surgery you need to see retinal specialist. They have done 2 years of fellowship after ophthalmology residency to learn how to operat on the retina.