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Pain and severe discomfort with bowel movements and sexual relief frustration?

I have been having this problem and it has happened more than twice, I'd say probably 5 or 6 times. The most recent was about a week ago and it was the worst, I had been sick for about 1 1/2 weeks with a stomach flu or something, I hadn't really had any bowel movements while i was sick, I'd say probably because I was dehydrated and wasn't eating much or drinking much, but this has happened out of the blue as well when going to the bathroom, just not as bad, Anyways, I was laying in bed and my stomach started cramping, not very bad, but enough to make me think, maybe I can go to the bathroom and it will help.

So after I go to the toilet and sit down, I sit there for a few minutes and nothing, then I start to get what feels like a never ending hot flash from hell, it was so bad it felt like my internal temps were reach 500 degrees, I was pouring sweat and had to rip my shirt off trying to cool down, it got so bad, I called for my wife and told her she needed to call me an ambulance, I was slumped over on the toilet pouring sweat as if someone was dumping water over my head, and my stomach cramping so bad and hurting, I just couldn't take it anymore, but most of my pain and discomfort was coming from this insanely unbelievable hot flash I was having, that's how bad it was, my wife stood and talked to me for a few minutes trying to find out what was happening, then it started easing up, I told her to give me a few minutes of privacy to try and relieve myself,

After a minute when she left, everything came out in one big rush as if I had just taken an enema or something, after all that I was exhausted and went back to bed, I have been fine since and no more episodes like that, But like i said, it has happened probably 6 times, and seems to get worse every time, but this time was horrible, I don't know what it could be causing it or if it could be something seriously wrong, I am a recovering addict, I have been clean for approx 12 years, so i don't do any type of illegal drugs or recreational drugs, the only medicine I am on that i take daily is Suboxone 8mg/2mg strips, I take 1 to 1 1/2 strips a day, That's my only medicine and i've been on it for 12 years with no issues, and ever since I was sick a couple weeks ago, I have had sex with my wife 5 times in the past 2 weeks, and can not for the life of me, have an orgasm and finish, we have tried multiple ways, and nothing helps, If you could please advise me on some of this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this if you do, Have a wonderful week.

Best regards: James M - Age 49 years old, 6ft 185lbs

Male | 49 years old
Complaint duration: 18 months
Medications: Suboxone
Conditions: Recovering addict 12 years clean

5 Answers

You need a colonoscopy. See gi
I’d suggest that you avoid such lengthy discussions and questions on this site, and visit your physician instead. Thank you.
This could be withdrawal symptoms. You need a steady state Buprenorphine dosing. Total dose daily divided by 2. May need to start Clonidine 0.1 daily or bid. Consult Functional Medicine. You may be iron deficient, vitamin b12/d/B6/b9 deficient. Low zinc, magnesium and calcium from low vitamin d. Congrats on 12 years without relapse, very proud of you.
The cramping and sweating that you are experiencing are probably the result of severe colon contraction/spasm related to bowel movement. This often precedes a bowel movement, then eases up after the bowel movement. With more information, it my be evident that this is a pattern consistent with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The pain can be treated with antispasmotic medications, e.g., dicyclomine. Other treatments for IBS might be helpful but a full evaluation should be done by a GI specialist. The sexual dysfunction is not something I can address as a GI doctor.
Understood. Two major points. First, your colon is not able to provide normal peristalsis. Root cause factors include suboxone, leaky gut syndrome, lectin absorption and resultant colon wall inflammation and colitis. You have “irritable bowel syndrome." This requires expert evaluation and colonoscopy. Remedies include high-fiber diet daily, low saturated fat foods, and prescription medications that restore normal regular peristalsis and moisture regulation of stool. And long-term opiate use of any class and type reduces testosterone to very low levels. It is highly probable that low testosterone levels exist.