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Persistent crick in neck, what do I do?

I've had a persistent crick in my neck for over a month now. I've had x-rays and there's nothing abnormal. I've even had a CT scan and nothing is wrong with the tissue. It started after sitting for a long time on my computer but it never went away. What can I do? It's becoming very inconvenient.

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See a reputable chiropractor

Dear Patient,

Normal is a relative question. Many x-rays which are read as normal will still have biomechanical dysfunction which can lead to any number of things. If you have been evaluated for this problem and a biomechanical cause has not been suggested, then you are going to the wrong doctor. I have seen x-rays in stage 2 degeneration referred to as "normal for your age" many times. You may contact my office and I would be happy to provide you with a thorough biomechanical evaluation and care recommendations, even if that means a referral to the right doctor.
The constant crick in your neck is probably due to poor posture and sitting too long based on what you've written. I recommend getting a sit/stand work station if possible, and doing exercises to reduce "upper crossed posture syndrome." You should be able to find many good videos on YouTube.
It is possible that the costovertebral joint in the shoulder blade has shifted out of place. This can cause a muscle running up into the neck to spasm and create a crick. This would not show up on an X-ray, but if you also have a knot in one of your shoulder blades then this is likely the cause and usually responds well within 2-8 Chiropractic treatments.
Persistent crick in the neck for extended period is most often a structural misalignment causing a functional problem or a dysfunctional movement. It is great that your x-rays were not read out as abnormal. Medical Doctors and Radiologist do not look at x-rays for dysfunctional movement and this not normally stated in their readings unless it is very significant. I know this first hand because I have been reading x-ray results not just as a Chiropractor, but also as a CT/Radiology Tech for almost 30 years. Please consult your nearest Chiropractor with these x-rays to explain.