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Port a cath incision?

I recently had a Port-A-Cath placed. This is the third one that I have had placed in the last 10 years. The strange thing is that the port was placed directly underneath the incision site vs inferior to it making it difficult to access. Previously my ports have been placed inferior to the incision site. I am concerned that the surgeon was rushed during the surgery making an error. Is this a possibility? I am wondering if I need to see another surgeon. Having the incision directly through the middle of the port is going to make it very difficult for me to access myself and do my monthly infusions.

Female | 39 years old

2 Answers

I agree with you that it is a little difficult to inject if you have to go through the incision, but that will subside when all the swelling and reaction of surgery have subsided. At that point, it will be like what you were used to. For now, you can have a nurse or doctor help you with the injections.
Good luck.
Is it a single or dual chamber port? It is better the port is located below the skin incision. However, it can be used now. Try not to go for another surgery for fear of various complications.