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Question about body issues?

Does bilateral knee deformity affect a persons height? I was told by a doctor that once my knees get straightened, my feet would shrink due to the blood flow. I understand my condition is flat feet and knees that go on from walking incorrectly and then developing spinal issues and stiffness. Would any of this effect my height if it’s corrected? What exactly is the correct term for this condition I described? Are there any medications or physical therapy that can be done to fix it?

Male | 27 years old

3 Answers

The name is possibly Tibial Varum or Tibial Valgum. The feet NEVER shrink-they are the size they are going to be-your finished growing at 27. Could abnormal position and alignment of the legs change your height? Of course it can. But how much? Not too much!
Your feet will not "shrink" if your knees are straight. The feet can get wider if the arch collapses excessively, which will affect the knees, hips and back. I recommend you be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for appropriate diagnosis and treatment options
Your height will not change. It sounds like you have Pes Valgo Planus A medical term for flat feet. Orthotic devices are very beneficial. Blood flow is not an issue in what you are describing.