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Should I be worried about general anesthesia?

I will have surgery under general anesthesia. Should I be worried about general anesthesia?

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Yes, relative to current medication and comorbidities.
General anesthesia is usually safe. Best to have an empty stomach and no sedatives 6-8 hours before surgery.
Complications from general anesthesia are quite rare. In general, if someone has good functional capacity (i.e. able to climb 1-2 flights of stairs without being significantly short of breath and labored), they will tolerate anesthesia well. If you have pulmonary problems, such as severe asthma or COPD, you may have problems being extubated (removal of the breathing tube). If you have a significant cardiac history (heart-attack within the past year, coronary artery bypass, multiple stents, or are an active smoker with diabetes, you should consult with your doctor about your concerns regarding general anesthesia.
Not really. General anesthesia is very safe. Your anesthesiologist will talk to you about general anesthesia before surgery and discuss the risks etc.
Over 110,000 people undergo general anesthesia every day in the USA. he pre-operative evaluation by the anesthesiologist is an important part of ensuring safe and uneventful anesthesia. Current and past medical problems need to be discussed, as well as any bloodwork or imaging.
Typically, no.